How we are different to other Ethiopian schools?

1.   Small class sizes – our maximum class size is 28 students,  with two teachers per classroom. In Ethiopia, classes of up to 80 students are common!

2.   Quality teaching – our teachers are trained in using the best international teaching practices such as integrated learning, topic-based learning and incorporating activities that promote critical thinking. We also have specialist Music, Art and Sport classes.

3.   English fluency -students learn English the moment they begin at St Yared. This guarantees our students a much higher chance of employment upon graduation as it is not common to find students fluent in English graduating from the government schools.

4.   Free education – all educational costs are 100% covered thanks to our generous sponsors. In other schools, families often struggle to fund uniforms, school equipment and resource books.

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5.   Food and clean water provided – our students are given a high protein diet at school which helps to provide sufficient nutrients as they develop and ensure they can maximise their learning experiences.

6.   School transport available – we pick up children in our school bus unable to get to school by themselves.

7.   Teaching resources – our students have access to books, art resources, sports equipment and many other learning aids.

8.   A caring and enriched learning environment – unlike most schools that still use corporal punishment, St Yared believe in positive reinforcement.

9.   13 years of schooling – it is common for children in government schools to drop out before they finish primary school. All St Yared students will have access to 13 years of education.


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