A Centre of Excellence

A promising future: Centre of Excellence in Education

In just six years, the School of St Yared has clearly demonstrated the capacity and potential of its students, drawn from among the most impoverished communities of Addis Ababa.

In order to build on this remarkable foundation, the school will embark on an ambitious program of expansion in the years ahead, with the goal of engaging some 1000 students from by 2022.


Through this expansion, St Yared’s aims to become a centre of excellence for education in Ethiopia, creating a replicable blueprint for community-embedded education initiatives across the country, and indeed throughout Africa.

Within the framework of the International Primary and Ethiopian curricula, the school will continue to focus on critical thinking and problem solving as key pillars of its pedagogy.

At the same time, St Yared’s will remain committed to its core philosophy and values, admitting only children from the communities of Gulele and Yeka.

This is vital: many schools in Africa that were originally intended to serve disadvantaged communities decided in the past – primarily for financial reasons – to admit fee-paying students from more affluent backgrounds, leading to the erosion of those schools’ community impact and capacity to act as true catalysts for change.

St Yared’s current funding model centres on annual sponsorships for each child, covering the lion’s share of the school’s operating costs.

While this model will be expanded to include new annual enrolments, additional funding will be required to underpin the expansion of the school, in two phases:

Phase One: 2014-2017
Full enrolment from Kindergarten to Year 8, total number of students: ca. 500.
Ongoing development of current school grounds and facilities, additional land and building rentals as required.
Recruitment and training of additional teaching faculty and support staff.

Phase Two: 2018-2022
Double- or triple-stream enrolment from Kindergarten to Year 12, total number of students: ca. 1000.
Acquisition of new school grounds, planning and development of first-rate school buildings and facilities.
Recruitment and training of additional teaching faculty and support staff.

The School of St Yared invites contributions of any size in support of this two-phase development schedule.


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