Gedetu Getu

Meet Gedetu.GedetuG1

Gedetu is a very smiley five year old who is about to begin her education at The School of St Yared. She is excited to make friends in her KG class.

Gedetu Getu lives in Farensay, an slum area in the foothills of Addis Ababa. She lives with her mother, Muna, and her father and older brother.

Muna makes and sells injera for the local community. Her father is a guard. Between them, they earn a couple of hundred birr ($10-15) per week which is used to pay for rent for their small room, and staple food for their children. .

GedetuG2Neither of Gedetu's parents are literate, and they are truly grateful that their only daughter now has a change to change their family's future through quality education at The School of St Yared.

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